Sport Videos and Scouting Tapes

Scouting Recruitment Tape (410)737-0763 AJ Video ServicesHaving an experienced, professional videographer should be a top priority for everyone. Our staff is well-versed in all sports related productions. We’ve done it all! In business since 1992, we have over 50 years of combined experience at our storefront location. With the ever-changing video industry, AJ Video Services has kept pace by using nothing less than cutting-edge equipment. We focus on delivering the best possible product at an affordable price.  You can choose one special playoff game or an entire season. It’s that easy and we offer many options for your convenience. Need some video footage to send to that college you are applying for? We can set up a personalized project that will fit your needs. Do you have sports footage already that you would like to use for the scout and recruit video? Let us know and we can help you organize your footage to be viewed easily on DVD or online for the world to see. Call us or stop by our studio for more information. We are local!

Compile and edit your existing video footage to showcase your talents! Add authoring and chapters to your edited sport video collection!

Devin Ray Football Scholastic Recruitment Video

Adding titles, special effects and chapters are just a few options you can choose to add to your sports videos. We can organize your scholastic sport video collection for recruitment videos or scouting performances.  Watch the video below that demonstrates authoring and chapter options. We are local to you!

Maryland Sports Videography

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Live Game Coverage Recruitment
  • Scholarship
  • Scouting Videos Video Study
  • Review Videos Team Highlight Montage Fund Raising
  • Special Events Existing Team Videos Transfer to DVD

Watch the 2011 Marriotts Ridge Girls Varsity Lacrosse State Champions! 

Our experts will shoot and deliver exactly what you ask for. Do you have a library of sports videos already but can’t view them?

Let us help you transfer your sports videos (VHS/8mm/MiniDV) to DVD. Keep your library current and up to date with the latest technology.

It’s as easy as a phone call! Call now (410) 737-0763!