Slide Scanning Service

Have your 35mm slides digitally converted with our scan service.

With our slide scanning service, we use only the highest quality scanning equipment. Our belief is to take the extra steps when handling your 35mm slides and your materials will not leave our studio location. Each slide is scanned one at a time at the size and quality of your choosing. We do not use flatbed scanners. Cropping and photo manipulation is also available.

As part of our service, we also will offer a lesser quality copy of the scan for emailing purposes. It’s not only important to have the best possible copy of your slide but having a smaller format will make emailing your slides to family and friends a breeze. Make sure your family slides are in the hands of the professionals using the latest technology. Call us for more information about our slide scanning services at (410) 737-0763.


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Defect Correction







Every slide we scan receives the following attention:

  • Digital ICE Technology Defect Correction – A Nikon  Exclusive
  • Over scanning then cropping to the edge to remove black border
  • Personalized service
  • Manual color & exposure correction
  • Quality review
  • Fast turn around guaranteed
  • Proper orientation
  • Your materials stay with us
  • Cleaning remove loose debris


Defect Correction Nikon Digital ICE technology from Applied Science Fiction Inc. in its current film scanner products. This technology can identify defects (scratches and dust) independently of the picture data. The resulting defect map is then used to correct the damaged or obscured parts of the image. The use of the defect correction technology can produce scans from unusable, scratched or mishandled film at a quality that is close to the state of the original image. We take the time to scan your slide in the best possible way for you.