Photo Videos & Photo Montages

Photo Montage Scanning Service MarylandAJ Video Services will capture your precious printed photos, slides, digital images and videos to an easy to watch DVD. No more sifting through boxes of printed photos to find that special moment or event. All and any special events such as graduations, anniversaries, vacations, memorial events, and weddings can be set to music and viewed on your DVD player or most computers. We will work with you to create that special video that captures the moment. Preserve your family’s history for past and future generations!  

A Photo Video / Photo Montage makes a wonderful gift for friends and family! We narrowed it down to 2 easy to follow steps.

  1. Select the photos you would like to preserve to DVD
  2. Sort them in the order you would like

It’s that easy! If you would like to use a special music selection or add any special effects, we can help you do that also. Soon after we accept the order, you will be enjoying a customized DVD. It’s meant to be fun and we strive to meet all of you needs with our personal attention. We will not ship out your materials! We complete all of our work at our studio location.



Baltimore Maryland Local Film Conversions (410)737-0763 AJ Video ServicesWe can take your old 8mm/Super 8, 16mm films, and other media and transfer it to VHS or DVD formats. All work is performed at our in-house production studio.