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Preserve your photos with the treatment they deserve.  AJ Video’s Archival Print Scanning service will help keep your most precious photographs organized.  Our skilled technicians will review each photograph at the selected resolution to determine the best equipment to use.  We process each photo by hand, one by one.  We’ll often rescan a photo until we can achieve the best possible image for you. Photo Scanning Service. We are local!


Baltimore Maryland Local Film Conversions (410)77-0763 AJ Video ServicesWe can take your old 8mm/Super 8, 16mm films, and other media and transfer it to VHS or DVD formats. All work is performed at our in-house production studio. Home Movie Film Transfer Service.  


Slide and photograph Slideshow (410)737-0763 AJ Video ServicesAJ Video Services will capture your precious printed photos, slides, digital images and videos to an easy to watch DVD. No more sifting through boxes of printed photos to find that special moment or event.  Any special events such as graduations, anniversaries, vacations, weddings can be set to music and viewed on your DVD. Photo Montage Slide Show Service.  


Slide scanning/preservation (410)737-0763 AJ Video ServicesTired of looking at that old box of slides from years past?  Wish you could view them in a way that did not entail hours of set-up and preparation?  Let AJ Video Services convert your slides to a digital format that will be easier to view and store.  Watch them on your DVD player or store them on your computer.  Slide Scanning Service.  


Photo Services (410)737-0763 AJ Video ServicesLooking to have your head shots updated?  Does your business need professional photo’s for it’s website?  We strive to deliver you the best product as possible. Call us with all of your photographic needs. Photographic Services.    


Preserve your files (410)737-0763 AJ Video ServicesTired of having several different media formats?  VHS tapes, Betamax tapes, cassette tapes, vinyl albums, slides and print photographs can be bulky and hard to store.  Convert all of your media formats to a digital file for safe and compact storage.  Make space and update your library. Digital Archiving Services.