DVD and CD Production Services

  • DVD / CD DuplicationCopy to and from DVD/CD (410)737-0763
  • Video Tape Conversions
  • Audio Cassette to CD Transfer Service
  • Packing/Labeling/Design

Do not risk the loss of your valuable masters and irreplaceable video materials! Did you know that most video duplication services provided by retail chains are farmed out! Why is this bad? A possibility of loss in shipping without the ability to recover your video content! Little control over process or personnel performing it.

What happens if it’s not done right?

Who do you call if you’re not satisfied?

At AJ Video Services, we do all of the work ourselves. Your materials will not leave the secured confines of our production facility here in Baltimore, Maryland.  You can speak to the people responsible for your products and the results by calling or visiting us. We are happy to evaluate your materials and projects, giving you professional objective advice and qualified service. Give us a call to see why we are the best!

Guaranteed results. Local studio facility (not sourced out). We retain an archive master of your video materials for safe, fast, and economical reorders and replacements. (some exceptions may apply)