Audio Cassette Tapes to CD Transfer Conversion

Convert your audio cassette tapes to CD or hard drive today! Tape Conversion to CD Baltimore (410)737-0763 AJ Video Services Transfer your family audio cassette tapes to CD.  Micro and standard cassettes can be converted. Do you have some out of print tapes you would like to transfer to CD?  AJ Video Services can help you convert your tapes to cd. Cassette tapes, 8 tracks and reel to reel tapes can be archived onto CD or hard drive. Enjoy the sounds from the past.

While technology changes, it becomes difficult to listen to audio cassette tapes in the car. Most cars do not even have a cassette tape option. Don’t bother with expensive audio converters. Whether its out of print material or just the family on that special day, let AJ Video Services capture those sounds for you. We will retain (at no additional cost to you) a copy-master of your products to assure that in any future instance of loss, your content can be recovered in it’s most pristine condition at any time. We will archive materials for as long as we have a current means of contact with you such as a valid email address, home address and phone number. Once converted, have your audio duplicated to CD with graphic design packages available. Digitize your cassettes today.  We are local!  

  • Fast turnaround time!Classic 8 Track Tapes
  • Orders completed within 1-3 business days!
  • RUSH delivery service available!
  • SAME DAY service available! (with few exceptions)
  • Convenient pickup and delivery!
  • Volume discounts and Bulk rates!
  • Professional Grade CD stock!
  • Restoration, preservation and tape repair!
  • Custom labels and packaging also available!
  • Honest, Knowledgeable & Friendly Service!

>Pickup Available* Too busy to get out to see us, we can arrange to pick up your project and materials. Our goal is to be the visual media resource company you can always rely on. We understand the media projects you entrust with us are important. We take your patronage seriously an appreciate customer loyalty as you will appreciate the quality of service provided to you by AJ Video Services. Ask about our Film and Slide transfer service!