AJ Bridal Video Services

Bridal Event Videography Services

Why choose AJ Bridal?

Because You Deserve The Best!

Recalling your wedding does not have to be just a stack of photos and faded memories. Relive the excitement, love, and emotions of what is certain to become one of the most precious occasions of your lifetime! Entrust AJ Bridal Video with your memories of a lifetime, vividly and tastefully preserved forever! We are local!

Serving Baltimore Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC communities since 1992.  AJ Bridal Video is comprised of highly skilled camera operators, editors and production staff. Our in-house professionals have well over 50 years experience with videography and video production. AJ Bridal associates have extensive experience in the field and excel in customer service. At the same time, our award-winning staff exhibits the professionalism to get the job done to your expectations without compromising the overall experience of the event. “We capture the moment not your attention!”

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Our Studio facility is equipped with:

  • Numerous industry resources at our disposal
  • State of the art Professional editing/production equipment
  • DVD, CD and VHS duplication equipment
  • Graphic artists and media specialists
  • Video support technicians

What To Expect of AJ Bridal Videographers

When our videographer’s attend your bridal event, they will be appropriately dressed for the occasion. We will be accommodating, friendly and unobtrusive.

Additionally, our  videographer’s are equipped with the following.

  • 3-CCD broadcast quality camera’s, digitally recorded
  • Tripods
  • Audio microphones and auxiliary audio sources
  • Professional lighting kit; compact, used discretely, and not blinding
  • Lenses, filters and other accessories as needed
  • All necessary batteries/alternate power sources to run equipment