Photo Scanning

Slide Scan Store Family Photo (410)737-0763 AJ Video ServicesGive your family photos the treatment they deserve with AJ Video’s Archival Print Scanning service. A skilled technician will review each photograph and the selected resolution to determine the best equipment to use that will ensure the highest quality scanned image. Each photo is scanned by hand, one by one.  We’ll often rescan a photo until we can achieve the best possible image for you. AJ Video Services offers a variety of different options that will fit most budgets.

We DO NOT use batch feeders as they can be abrasive and harm the photo originals. All work is done in-house. We never farm our work out to mills or other companies.

Each Archival Scan Includes:Montage of Photos (410)737-0763 AJ Video Services

  1. Hand Scanned, one photo at a time.
  2. Hand Cropped to the edge of the image to remove any over scan border
  3. Rotating of each image to the proper orientation
  4. Image-By-Image correction of exposure problems
  5. Image-By-Image correction of color problems


In addition to Archival Scanning, we can your new photo files to create an entertaining DVD Slide Show presentation.

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